Zouq Curry Crunch – Mild Spice – Case of 12 – 1 oz.


When the sweet moves of the dancer meet the tanginess of the musician, the sensual Kathak is observed. Bringing together rice flakes, chick peas, flour, peanuts and turmeric in a fusion of flavors both crunchy yet sweet, Zouq’s Curry Crunch will have you dancing for sure. Kathak is a regional dance form which has the intricacy of martial arts with the grace of a swan. Zouq’s believes that the unique blend of flavors that Curry Crunch offers is best embodied through this art form. It is fascinating yet distracting. It is tangy yet mild. In its simplest form, it is an experience like no other. Curry Crunch is the symbolic South Asian snack which has no other par, not unlike the Kathak dance. The sensual moves which were once meant to captivate nobility and the elite are present in every serving of Zouq’s Curry Crunch.

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