Volvic Springwater Plastic – Case of 12 – 50.7 Fl oz.


Volvic Natural Spring Water comes from one of the biggest and oldest preserved ecosystems in Europe: the Volcanoes Regional Natural Park of Auvergne. If you visit the Auvergne, you will find an exuberant, historical region, dedicated to nature and outdoor activities. Volvic water is created by rainwater that seeps very slowly underground through 6 porous layers of volcanic rocks. Mother earth’s filter gives Volvic its perfect mineral balance with naturally occurring electrolytes such as Calcium, Sulfates, Magnesium, Potassium, Bicarbonates, Silica and chlorides. Taped at 90 meters deep, Volvic Water is pristine with a low mineralization and a consistent composition. It is only when Volvic water is bottled that it sees the daylight for the first time. Mineral Composition (mg/L) Calcium 12, Sulfates 9, Magnesium 8, Potassium 6, Bicarbonates 74, Silica 32, Chlorides 15. Balanced pH of 7.

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Volvic Springwater






50.7 floz

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